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Jan 8, 2013 6:00am PST
of fog out there, we may see some mid- 60s but don't get used to it, there is a big change coming up soon. >>> a big announcement about california state prisons today, why the governor is holding two press conferences about it. >>> also a surprising study, the driver is blamed for much of the gridlock and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for waking up with us this tuesday morning, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve is right there and you've got a really interesting forecast. >> well, it will go from one extreme to the other. temperatures 30s and 40s. today will be sunny and warmer for many unless you are out in the eastern parts of the bay area but high pressure is building and that will bring us sunshine and warmer temperatures especially in the south bay, here is sal. >>> good morning, we have a lot of fog as steve has been mentioning and it is a little bit foggy as you can bear clay see -- barely see some of the roads. not a lot of fog, there is a big accident on the east shore and i have a big
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
. neighbors say they don't know him or his wife or two-year-old child. they knew they had dogs but they certainly did not know about the 34 pounds of marijuana that mr. teeth was apparently guarding. one woman said she gets upset when she thinks about all the kids who play in the neighborhood. >> it is terrible, it is the size of a child and i don't know how that could happen. it is very scary. >> reporter: let me show you the marijuana mr. teeth was guarding, an estimated street value of $134,000. he was being held on $160,000 bail and will face charges for drug charges. we have seen them online costing 250 bucks on up and we should also tell you, fish and game list it as illegal to own. we also expect more charges will be filed because he was not legally okay to have that alligator inside his home. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> police are issuing a safety warning to women in palo alto. janine de la vega has more on the search for the suspect and what the woman said he did. >> reporter: the man exposed himself to the woman here near california avenue. the woma
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am PST
at the hp pavilion and we just don't know when they will start. the board of governors will be meeting today in new york and the 30 club owners will vote on a tentative agreement reached by players and owners. they were still working on one key piece of business that still needed to be setelled and if all goes well, they will play on sunday. they are still renting a practice facility during these past three months of the lock out. businesses downtown have been losing a lot of revenue. we spoke with one revenue who said he has noticed the drop off in foot traffic. >> there are fewer cars and i can't wait to be late and i think it is great for the arena and i think it is great for the neighborhood. >> one bar owner told us they had lost 60 to 70% of revenue and now that sharks fans will be back, they plan on hiring more staff to handle the crowds. the number of games has been drastically but and it will be just 48 games. players are eager to get back on the ice a far as getting back here at the arena. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well muni saved money by cutting corners w
Jan 11, 2013 6:00am PST
international flights we have here locally is great. i love that. i don't like to have to drive to sfo. so that is good for me. >> reporter: nan will be flying to tokyo five days a week. it's the first direct flight from san jose to asia in six years. it's also the first airport in the bay area to have this dream liner that has been touted as technologically advanced and fuel efficient. coming up later in the morning the media is supposed to be giving a tour of the aircraft. there will be several transportation officials as well as people from ana. we plan on asking them about the latest development. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. >>> vice president joe biden meets today at the white house with representatives of the video game industry about ways to reduce gun violence. the vice president says he will present recommendations from his meetings this week to the president on tuesday. yesterday the vice president met with representatives from the entertainment industry and gun owners groups. the president of the national rifle association says he left that meeting disappointe
Jan 7, 2013 6:00am PST
organization where dog owners can trade walking and eating and dog sitting duties. it allows people who don't have a dog to share somebody else's. so far many people have signed up in san francisco. >>> let's check in with sal for the commute, how is it looking, sal? >> it looks good but there is one troubled spot on mission boulevard, a pedestrian was hit by a car and this is an unincorporated area and lot of people of it, chp has been handling the area and they are doing quite an extensive investigation. the person hit by the car has been taken to the hospital and it may be clearing up now and officers are now walking back to their cars. very busy but again, mission boulevard and chp is doing the investigation. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. traffic is backed up beyond the 880 crossing. also this morning looking at the south bay, we are beginning to look at 101 and 17. >>> not a lot of fog showing up all the way to san jose and east bay and i have had a couple of reports in the city and some of that fog will thicken up and we have a lot of high clouds and even though
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5